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August 18, 2009


A Thrifty Mrs

What a stash!


there are great free video tutorials at knittinghelp.com


I found you through Soulemama! I am so glad I followed the link!

This is an amazing stash! You be careful though...once you start knitting, you are never NOT knitting! LOL!

My neighbor recently passed on and her son from California came out to clean out her home. He couldn't take ANYTHING with him but opened the home to us. He said specifically that she wanted me to have her sewing machine! I collect them, so this was a treat! It's a 1976 singer table machine. I forget the model, as I haven't yet had the chance to sew on it, but it does work famously! It even still has the original sales ticket from when her hubby bought it for her in 1976!

The blessings that we get from those around us is amazing! Blessings on your journey of knitting and I hope you are able to feel a little of your neighbor each time you cast on a project!


I am just starting to learn to knit with the help of Youtube too. I also keep all my needles in a mason jar. Good luck!

Sleepless In KL

do you plan to sell any of the needles in your etsy shop? :)


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Im not sure right now. I was holding onto them
because Im learning how to knit myself. There are so many though. As soon as I
get the chance to go through them all and see which ones I have duplicates of I
just might do that.

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