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January 24, 2011



That crocodile stitch is really neat! I'll have to give it a try, I see a toddler sized set of armor made out of it in my future! ;)


Thats a great idea for this stitch! It does look like armor.


That crayon/colored marker box looks like it would provide hours of wonderful entertainment for your girls. It makes me want to draw!

And the crocodile stitch....Wow. Definitely a pillow, but it would look amazing as an afghan hanging over the back of a couch.

lily boot

I love the crocodile stitch - it's fascinating - I'm popping over to Ravelry for a look and I think your idea for a cushion cover is great. And the lowlight photography is looking beautifully clear - I know what you mean about using the camera at night when we're home from work.


That crocodile stitch is amazing. Very pretty photos.


oh, how well I understand what you mean about the whole social media thing. i myself just recently re-discovered ravelry and spent hours browsing patterns. i think i'll be spending more time on there again, especially now that i hardly use facebook any more.

i too don't get in from work until dark, so i'm limited to taking pics on a weekend, so i am really greatful for that link you've posted regarding low light photography, although i think first of all i should learn to use my camera to its full potential.


The crocodile stitch looks great! Thanks for the links. I also struggle with dark pictures, but I can't really use the tips as I just have a point and shoot. Guess I'll carry on waiting for the weekend!


I had seen a little & cute pouch made with this stitch in Google images couple of months back and I kept wondering what stitch it was. And look here I found about it today. Thank you so much, I can now think of making a similar little pouch!


Just in case if someone is interested, I've found the link to that pouch.
Here's the short link-

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