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December 07, 2011



love the color! :) ...oh and how awesome it is that you've researching breastfeeding! good luck :)


Heather, which Yarn Along did you use for your scarf patterns?


I didnt use a pattern....just a chain in the length I wanted and then two rows of double crochet.


The scarves are lovely! And good for you for being committed to breastfeed! I have loved nursing my little boy.

Breastfeeding is a confidence game - if you think you can do it, you can do it! My only advice, beyond what you're already doing, is to research a great lactation consultant NOW, and have that phone number on hand. Hopefully you won't need it, but most problems can be resolved with support. I found it helpful to remember that humans do not nurse from instinct like other mammals - we learn to nurse. It's a skill, and like many good things in life, can be challenging at first. You can do it!


Thanks for the support! I have taken a class at my local lactation center and I have their phone number up on the fridge. Im really looking forward to breastfeeding and I cant wait!


I also found these forums to be incredibly helpful and supportive! http://forums.llli.org/index.php Those ladies can get a mom through anything! :-)

Lisa G.

Very lovely scarves!! Have you checked out Leila's blog
ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com? She has much encouragement and advice on breastfeeding. (even though I have no children, I love her blog and have read the whole thing!)


Thanks! I havent heard of that blog but Ill certainly check it out.



Jack Wilson

Breastfeeding is amazing bond between mother and child! I didn't give it a fair chance with my first but nursed my 2nd for a year and the 3rd for 2. I agree it is totally a confidence game. My best advice for you is to try immediately with in the first couple of minutes to nurse. And the keep doing so every hour until you get it down. Of course your milk will not be in for a couple of days but that doesn't matter there is enuf good stuff in there to get you thru. Congrats and good luck! You'll do great!

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