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April 18, 2012



It's such a shame the way housework always seems to get in the way of crafting........I have 'Seams To Me' on my bookshelf.......I made the little Bo Peep Skirt for my grandaughter last year.

I hope Molly enjoys her new blanket.


Sadly I can't see the pattern from lion's brand site so I'll have to wait till you finish to see.
I've started brain storming for what to make for kcwc, hopefully I'll get the buttons from the mail to finish my little guy's spring coat.

I understand the need for venting. When you're 24/7 with your kids, however how much you love them...You need to set your mind on something else!


Hi, I was visiting SouleMama and saw your link. This post resonated with me so much and it's actually comforting to hear another Mama going through the same struggles. I've been trying to create a rhythm of early to bed so I can be up early, spend some time alone with God and meditation, blog with a fresh mind and hopefully crochet too! But one kid stays up really late and the others somehow know that Mama is up early and jump up to join me too! So today, instead of getting up at 6:30 I'm at 5:30 and here I am enjoying your lovely blog. I hope you don't mind me venting!!!
I'm not a sewer yet btw, but I do start I'd love to join your challenge.
Have a joyous day and know that you've inspired me!

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