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June 26, 2009



Have a great time at Lake Winnie.


I have this book, thanks for reminding me about it. I think I need to pull it out :)

Carly Winborne

mmm, this book. i LOVE it. with all my heart. i particularly like the concept of "my acre of diamonds", which is now the name of my blog. i have read this book too many times to count, but began it back in 2001 while i was single, away from home, lonely and searching for...anything. this book, paired with my Bible and journal, was a balm for my soul. (that sounds so incredibly cheesy, but it's the truth!!) anyway, i see that you posted about this book back in June, but i hope you have enjoyed it half as much as i did.

i found your blog from soule mama, and hers from fly through our window. love all your ideas and insight. if it's okay, i'll check back often!

hope this day finds you well.

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