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September 19, 2009


Janet Nagel


I really enjoyed reading your blog!In fact, I went back to the beginning to read your earlier posts and to get caught up. Your crafts and home decorating are charming and I love all your pictures of your garden, crafts, family adventures and especially your pictures your beautiful children! (and the clothes you have made for your little ones are so inventive, functional, and fun. Dave Ramsey would be proud of you, girl!)



TypePad HTML EmailThank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. I haven't been able to devote as much time as would like to the blog or sewing but hopefully that will change now that I'm done with school. See you at work.


That is a really great idea to make a mat for the dishes! I don't enjoy washing the mat under the rack all the time so that would be the absolute perfect solution!


TypePad HTML EmailThank you! Its so pretty to look at too.

lily boot

what I great idea and it sure does add prettiness! I have that book too and it is an utter delight - we've made the blanket banner so far.


I love what you did with the dish mat. The colors are wonderful, and it would make me want to get up and do my dishes! I have been thinking of making a few mats for the house, and you have inspire me.

So glad to have you join the swap, and I am just as glad that I have found your blog.


My word, that dish trainer towel is ADORABLE!!! I love that book. Congrats on finishing your degree! I just found your blog via Vintage Swap and I can't wait to read more of your posts.



TypePad HTML EmailThank you so much!

Mary Beth

This is pure fabulosity! I love how it turned out. I found your photo on Soulemama's flickr favorites.

A Thrifty Mrs

Great ideas.
Well done on finishing your degree.


I hate doing dishes, too! I didn't have a dishwasher until I was 22.
My parents' had a ancient dishwasher but it was more of a placeholder in the kitchen than an actual appliance. My dad refused to replace it because he thought washing dishes built character. I've decided that my character does enough building without doing dishes by hand and I will always have a dishwasher.
P.S. You're dish rug is super cute!


Great idea to make the mat...I finished my bath mat last night..I will put some pics up on the flickr group soon. Great blog!!!


Your dish mat is gorgeous, and you are so right that a little bit of handmade can made a dreary job much less dreary.


Love the dish mat -- I found you through the Soulemama site. I've been working on a bath mat myself. I've added your site to my blog favorites, hope you don't mind. -- The Jolly Bee (thejollybee.blogspot.com)


TypePad HTML EmailNot at all. Thank you for stopping by.

Design Esquire

I just found your bog, and I am so happy that I did! I'm going to go poke around a little more, but I've just started sewing, and I think I'll learn a lot on your blog.

P.S. I hope you find a new dishwasher soon, that stinks!


TypePad HTML EmailThank you so much. I still consider myself new to sewing because I've olny been doing it for about 3 years now. I've learned everything mostly from all the creative blogs out there. Feel free to poke around as much as you like.


Oh, that dishmat is just scrumptious!

Sara B

I love the dish mat, I have been using teatowels and I am now going to make one out of some cute fabric now! Thank you Heather and Amanda for the inspiration.


What a great idea! I must make one. Thank you for the inspiration!


..Did this work out? At my house we often keep dishtowels under our dishracks and they get block mold on them really quick from being constantly wet.


TypePad HTML Email

It did workout, however, I changed it out about
every other time I washed dishes and threw it in the wash. My dishwasher has
since been replaced. Nowthe mat resides under the cats water bowl. So far,
no mold.

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