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November 04, 2009


The Jolly Bee

I'm sorry you were disappointed by the whole school Halloween party theme. Our school does the same thing, but my youngest is now in 6th grade and they don't march in the parade or have parties (being the "big" kids at the elementary school). So, I was feeling a bit old because all that fun is behind me now. And, none of my kids trick-or-treat any more -- but they do hand-out candy and that's a real treat for me! Have a good day.
-- Jodi


It looks like the kids really enjoyed their costumes and that is all you can really ask for!




Oh my, I have holidays like these. At least in the end you all got some real enjoyment


I so know where you are coming from. Once disappointed the whole world turns gray. We have all got to learn to not let that happen. Every day is a blessing and every day is a good day, no matter what. Thanksgiving is coming, let's all be thankful we have the wonderful things we have in our lives. Let's not let disappointment get the better of us again. (That sounds like a great new year's resolution.)


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