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December 06, 2010



Super idea....I could whip these up in no time. I just need to find that elusive glue gun on mine.


Wow! Awesome Idea, I am definitely doing this! Thank you for the tutorial!


This is an amazing idea!! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks...I cant wait to see.


Thanks Grace! Id love to see your finished trees.

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With a splash of hot glue, attach the root node. To cut the heads and clean them with hot glue COB Webbs miserable and all done.


That looks really easy to do! I just may have to whip some up!


These are marvelous! Thank you for sharing.

I worry about the hot glue, since we've had family ornaments fall apart over the years in the attic. I wonder if there's some way to make them without the permanent paper cone. I have a friend who made a crocheted angel tree topper recently that may know.


Lovely idea!

Regarding making them without the permanent cone... I think you could soak the chains in a starch solution (like you would to make sturdy crochet snowflake ornaments), wrap around the cone (wrapped in plastic wrap or a bag to keep it protected from the wetness), and slip it off when dry/hardened. It is sort of like making a crochet pinata. I think cotton yarns would work best with this method.

Tara K

wow, those are really kewl. I wonder how'd they would hold up if you used fabric strips and sewed them together? I may have to try these ..


Darling trees and great tutorial. Thank you!


I like this, they remind me of the candy cane trees "they" make. Thank you for sharing.


Love this idea and will definitely be making one today! Also really love your green yarn! What is it?


Thanks Deana! Styrofoam cones might last a bit longer, they can be a little pricey though. I thought about making one with a Styrofoam cone and securing it with shiny straight pins too.


Thats a great idea too!


That would be really pretty too! Id love to see it if you try that.


Thanks Emily!


They remind me of candy canes too. Thanks Susan!


Thanks Kristina! I would love to see your trees. The green and blue yarn are Lion Brands HomeTown USA. Its acrylic and super bulky weight.


What a neat idea! These would make great placecard holders


Sweet sweet idea! I have a cone shape just waiting for something to happen to it!! Thanks

allison kreft

I just made one of the trees! So cute! I posted a pic on my blog - http://allisonkreft.typepad.com
Thanks for sharing the tutorial!


I love this idea!! This is especially perfect for kids getting started with crochet :)

Jessica W.

These trees are soooo cute! Great idea!

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Green Series 27, 27 is the turning stitch.one in each chain stitch Crochet, so that you have 26 single stitches, turn.


Featured this on my blog, Here:


I love this tutorial! I made one and I posted a pic on my blog: http://espaciocrochet.blogspot.com/2010/12/arbol-de-navidad-christmas-tree.html

I hope you like the decoration! Thank you for sharing!


Here is my take.. these were a big hit at my Christmas party this weekend! Thanks for the great tutorial. Why, oh why, did I not own a glue gun previous to this project?!?



I'd like to suggest leaving a tail at the end, after you pull through the last loop, make another loop with the tail, and voila! You have some hanging tree decorations, or hang 'em wherever you like!!!!! (of course one would make them to preferred sizes) Soooo many possibilities with this - it's a like a template for creative minds....thank you for sharing!


Thank you for the idea for the tree, I made one about 30cm tall from red & green yarn together, glued the ends between two small wooden stars. Made it for my elderly mother who doesnt have much room, she can fold and store until next year. Thanks again


Thats a great idea! Ill have to try that.


Super cute pattern! I linked to it in my Christmas Ornament group on Ravelry.



i am going to try this with my cone shaped air freshener. when the freshener is done i can take the top off and put it on a new one. it will look so pretty. thanks for sharing with everyone.


Love the idea, thanks for sharing.

Cynthia Q.

Muchas gracias por la idea, está genial y espero que me resulte...

Ashley Toth

Just made three of these with paper mache cones from Jo-Ann's. It was so nice to start a project that I could finish in one night, I've been on a roll of time intensive crochet ideas. I ran out of hot glue sticks about half way through and had no problem using Tacky Glue, for those of you that don't have a gun. Thanks so much for the tutorial, the trees are beyond cute and I really enjoyed making them... in fact I might end up with a forest before Christmas.


This was great and simple enough that my daughter was able to make them on her own to give to her teachers as their holiday gifts.



Brilliant tutorial, great idea! I shared a link to it on my blog this morning: http://www.mooglyblog.com/o-christmas-tree-crochet-christmas-tree/

Happy Holidays! :D

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