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February 22, 2012


Jessica Snell

I didn't use a Moby wrap, but when mine were little, they practically *lived* in slings and mei-teis. Baby-wearing is such a gift - it gives you back your hands!


I agree...Its so liberating! :)

Kelly @twyste

I totally agree with Jessica's comment! You can still have your baby and somewhat of a productive time too!


I love carrying babies! I take care of my nephew during the week and get to stick him in the mei tai everyday for walks, I love it :)

I like the colors of your pillow!


I cant wait for the weather to get warmer and I can carry Molly on walks with me. Ive got to work off my baby weight ; )


The owl looks like a fun project - love the colours you are working with.
Enjoy making more than one.


I made that owl pillow as a gift for a friend's daughter and my girls were beyond mad that it didn't stay in our house! Looks like you did a color switch as well. I'm eager to see your finished pillows!


I have Little Crochet and totally love it! I am always in my Moby with my little one, it especially helps since I have a 2 year old too! What a relief to be hands free LOL

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